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The Best Coffee Loyalty Scheme

What is the best coffee loyalty scheme?

I’ve written about coffee on this blog for ages. It’s no secret tat I love a good cup of coffee. We all have our favourite coffee establishment. I’m a big fan of going to indie shops instead of chains but chains are more common and usually easier to find. From Starbucks to Costa, there are many loyalty schemes to keep you coming back, by offering a free drink when you buy so many. I think the best one is actually not a store known specifically for it’s coffee.

If you go to McDonalds and get a hot drink, you can start to collect stickers to claim a free hot drink. It’s the McCafé Loyalty Card. Once you have collected 6 stickers, you get your next drink for free. Stickers come on hot drinks cups, as do the cards you need to fill in with said stickers. If we take the cost of a regular white coffee costing £1.39, six of those would cost you £8.34. The cheapest hot drink is tea at 99p, so that would be £5.94 for a free drink. There are drinks that cost up to £1.99 so you could spend £11.94 for your free drink.

Don’t forget to check empty cups left on tables for stickers that people may not have wanted to get to your free drink even faster. Then chuck the cup in the recycling so you’re doing your bit to help out.

Which loyalty schemes do you use?


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