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I mentioned on Twitter over the festive period that I was taking a break, after being in hospital randomly for a full weekend and then being advised by doctors to rest up. We then returned to A&E two other times over the Christmas holidays with my wife & my youngest son. But, I am now back online and hoping that 2017 sees more money saving (& less sitting in hospital waiting rooms!)

My first real money saving venture of the new year, wasn’t really exciting, but it did have a message behind it. I needed some new PJ bottoms (or ‘lounge pants’ as they seem to be referred to as nowadays!). I knew that Asda had some with The Avengers on them as I have 2 young sons and the eldest is superhero obsessed (all my doing!) with the youngest gaining what he can from it at 4 months old. So off I went, found the pretty quickly and put them on the trolley. £10. Big steep for me really, even though I will spend a lot of time in them but still it’s £10! So I had a little look in the teeny tiny sale section of men’s clothes.

That’s when I spotted some Daddy Pig ones with a big red sale sticker on them. They even had another sticker underneath, they’d been reduced twice. They were in my size, down to £2.50 and had Daddy Pig with a party hat, some festive tipple and a seasonal message written on them. But for £2.50, does it really matter? I’ll be wearing them around the house, in bed if it’s cold and I could get 2 pairs for half the price of the other pair, just because of the design. So that’s what I did.

Christmas items are so expensive for the big day and then get drastically reduced the days afterwards. It seems stupid to be to spend extra money on something which serves the same purpose, just because the cheaper ones are seasonal. So yes, first bargain of the year & they are pretty darn comfy too!


2 Responses to “Post-Christmas”

  1. Christine Vickers

    As many people, I buy cards and wrapping paper at much reduced rates just after Christmas. This year I bought some from a Barnardo’s charity shop so someone else also benefited.
    The Co-op often has bargains and their usual meal deal for £10 was reduced to £5 earlier this week. This covered a turkey joint easily big enough for 4, packs of roast spuds, Yorkshire puddings, honey covered parsnips & sprouts and a massive Viennetta! Not haute cuisine, but at that price, who cares?

    @thriftychap, I have only recently started to follow you. Thanks for all your advice.


    • thriftychap

      Hi Christine, thanks for following. I only set all this up on December 1st as I wanted to blog about what I’ve been doing (& banging on to my friends/family about) for ages. That £5 deal sounds awesome! Another bargain I grabbed was 10m of Christmas wrap for 50p, which then scanned at 25p. 40m for £1 – perfect for the kids presents next year! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!



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