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Don’t Be An Ostrich

And the award for random blog title of the week goes to… me!

I read the other day that the ‘Ostrich effect’ costs people who are in debt an extra £55 million a month.

That’s a crazy-lot of cash!

If you are in debt, burying your head in the sand won’t achieve anything but setting you back. The more you leave debt, the more it builds up. The interest rates on some of the loans out there are beyond ridiculous and I still don’t know why they aren’t limited to a sensible rate. Yes, its business, but this are people’s lives! Many find themselves in a state and think that a handout will sort their situation. It might do, until the repayments are needed and then the situation crops up again, just worse.

It may sound blunt and maybe even harsh but you have to pull yourself up, dust yourself down and face the problem of debt head on.

Hiding away will make it so much worse. The best time to have sorted it out has passed, so this is your new best time to sort it. TODAY. Start your new chapter TODAY!

Take a look at a previous blog post entitled Sort Out Your Debt for the contact details of places which will help you, for FREE. Organisations like CAPuk offer advice and even a solution! They understand, there is no judgement, don’t be afraid. They’ll help, they’ll plan out what you need to do, but YOU need to do it. The first step to this is admitting you need help and seeking it. Pull that head out the dirt.

Check out Debt Free Family for some amazing tips.

Begin your journey to sorting out your debt and let’s collectively pull that £55million a month down. Let’s get you debt free.

Don’t be an ostrich folks.


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