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Go Camping!

Things are always tight, money doesn’t strength perhaps as far as it once did. But that doesn’t mean you need to forego the annual family holiday.

People so often look down their noses at camping, or turn them up at it.

But camping gives holidays without crazy expense. We, as a family, don’t have a couple of thousand pounds to visit Spain for a week in the summer.

Camping offers fresh air, socialisation, exercise, adventure and a good night’s sleep. There’s nothing quite like sitting out under the stars with a bottle of beer or a glass of Port.

We found a campsite in Woolacombe, during summer (so school holidays, peak season) for less than £100 for a week, for a family of four. That is ridiculously cheap. I know you need to buy food and have petrol in the car to get to these campsites, and all of that adds up. You don’t have to travel that far from home though, to have a great time in your tent.

If you fancy a bit more of an adventure, why not try wild camping? There are rules around wild camping here in the UK, but if you do some research you can find somewhere to pitch up. This is ideal for photographers who want to get the first light in the mornings, or those who just enjoy the great outdoors. Make sure you leave everything as you found it. Some more info here.

If you’re considering bypassing the family holiday this year, get yourself online, find a campsite, get the old tent out the loft or get on ebay or gumtree to find a bargain, and just go. You won’t regret it and you’ll probably find yourself craving the great outdoors so much you’ll book the odd weekend away here and there as well!


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