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If you’re looking for an awesome activity to do with your kids, one which is pretty much free, Dinovember starts on Wednesday!

If you haven’t heard about it, Dinovember is the month where plastic dinosaurs come alive and create havoc for families all over the globe. It all started with one family and the epidemic spread worldwide, capturing the hearts and minds of children (& grown-ups! of all ages.

We did it last year and whilst 30 days of setting up the dinosaurs every night so our little ones could come downstairs in the morning to see what they’ve been up to, was exhausting, it was awesome. Just make sure you take photographic evidence of what the Jurassic buddies have been up to and share it online for all to see. You can take it as far as you want, I’ve seen pictures of broken mirrors, food splattered kitchens and I think one of our favourite situations last year was of the dinos trying to make our little boys packed lunch.

The couple who came up with it have found awesome fame and even had books published. It’s an awesome thing to be part of and certainly gets the creative juices flowing. Be sure to Google ‘Dinovember’ and also like the official page over on Facebook.

I’ll share a few photos throughout the month over on Twitter. Roar!


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