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Unknown Energy Companies?

You know the situation. You’ve finally got round to doing an energy comparison but the companies that appear to be cheapest, you’ve never heard of. What do you do?

Well, it was on the Martin Lewis Show a couple of weeks ago. He basically said to go with what you are comfortable with, but also that the ‘Big 6’ are expensive. If you want to stay with one of them, just ring them up and make sure you are on their cheapest deal.

If you want to save some cash though, one of these smaller companies that you may not have heard of is ideal. Whilst you may not have heard of them and be worried incase they go bust, let me tell you my story.

We switched to GB Energy a couple of years ago which served the North West. A year or so later, they closed their doors overnight. I felt sorrier for the staff who seemed to have no clue than I did for myself and I’ll tell you why.

It doesn’t affect your supply.

It’s the same gas and electric coming into your house, whichever company you are with The only difference is who you pay, how much you pay and the customer service of those people you pay.

When the company went bust, the government stepped in and sorted it all out for the customers. We still had energy, nothing was switched off, we were still able to boil the kettle and take hot showers. After a couple of weeks, during which may I add, we were kept informed all the way along, it was a good process to be part of 99% of the time, the Co-Op Energy took over as the service provider for all the customers affected. I was then able to see the rates of the new provider, do a comparison and then we switched to another supplier as we’d found a cheaper one.

So, don’t be worried about switching. I understand that it’d easier to stick with what you know but you’ll be paying more than you should be, to heat your home and run a hot bath. If you’re not confident, get someone you trust to sit with you whilst you do it. It’s pretty easy and there is no break in the utilities you get. If the worst were to happen, there is protocol in place to sort everything out, I can vouch for that. I’d strongly advise you to give it a go, it only takes a few minutes to do a comparison and a further few to request your switch. Then just sit back, brew up and enjoy the feeling that once the new company takes over, you’ll be saving money.

Let me know how you get on over on Twitter.


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