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Check What You’re Paying For

I recently cancelled my Spotify Premium subscription.

I was previously on a £4.99 a month deal but after 12 months it was running out and defaulting to their standard price. I wasn’t using it enough to justify paying £9.99 a month. What else could £120 a year go towards? The food shop, towards Christmas, into the savings account?

This brings me to my point. Check what you’re paying for. So many times we have signed up for something or other and the monthly costs fly out of our accounts on the first of the month, but are we actually paying for something we use, or need? Are we getting anything from the price we pay, are we getting the best deal?

If you have a £30 a month gym membership, but only go there once a week to go swimming, and swimming costs £5 a time, you’re wasting £10 every month. It’s so easy to sign up to support a charity as well, but we don’t always want to do it indefinitely.

Check your direct debits, take a look at where your money fritters off to and start cancelling what you don’t need.


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