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Turn Down Work You’re Not Happy With

When you’re a freelancer, you sometimes think you should take all the work you can get.

This isn’t the case.

I recently was contacted by a company who wanted to enhance their business and wanted me to help. This sounded great, the company appeared awesome, the owner seemed nice, everything was good.

Then the emails came through. This is where I started to question myself. They were wanting weekly meetings, asking me to create huge strategy documents for approval by another freelancer they had got on board, a different way of working that I am used to and happy with. Things just didn’t feel right and for the reduced price I was offering them per hour, I didn’t think the work was worth the added stress.

I emailed over a nice explanation, and got a reply which was positive. They did say that perhaps the company was too small for me to work with, one with less cash flow. This wasn’t the case. I work with clients of all sizes and I’d rather be paid for doing actual work, than sitting here putting together a document for the sake of putting together a document so boxes can be ticked. You get a feeling for when something is going to work or not. And you shouldn’t be afraid to walk away if it doesn’t feel right.

The morale of this one is to not worry if the work isn’t right. Don’t do work that you’re not happy with because it’s not worth the stress and hassle. Things can so often start by seeming perfect, but quickly the you see through that initial fog and everything becomes clear, and it’s not as good as you first thought.



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