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Don’t Auto Renew Your Insurance

Whatever insurance is could be – business, home, car – don’t just accept the auto renewal price they send you.

If possible, opt out of auto renewal, but do often it’s done automatically these days and you have to call up to opt out.

The best prices are usually for new customers, never forget that.

A simple comparison site check can bring you alternative prices, often much cheaper. For instance, my home insurance renewal arrived the other day. £25 more expensive than last year. 10 minutes later I had a quote for £70 less! That’s without going through a cashback site! I checked the offers available on the cashback site and one of the companies was offering £110 cashback if you took buildings and contents with legal & emergency cover (which were both included for no extra charge!). The price was higher than the lowest price available, but the cashback made it ridiculously cheap. Obviously, the cashback isn’t guaranteed, so it’s perhaps a risk to pay more without that guarantee of the cashback to bring the price down, but if it tracks and pays out, I’ll have buildings and contents insurance for about £30!

Be smart, shop around & see how cheap you can get your insurance for!


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