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Let’s Talk About Death

Ok. I’ve started things off with a slightly morbid title, but stay with me.

I’ve recently started working with a Funeral Director, trying to market his business on social media. It’s a tricky one but we’re getting somewhere with it.

It got me thinking though, through various conversations with him and doing a bit of my own research, we, if we’re still lucky enough to have our parents, need to start talking to them, about the inevitable.

Unfortunately, we will all die, that’s a given in this world. With life, comes death.

However, death comes with all sorts of stress for the people left behind. It’s an emotional rollercoaster and anything we can do to counteract that stress or make life easier for those still living, is surely a good thing?

Funeral plans offer people the opportunity to pay for their funeral ahead f time. It’s a good thing too because you’re paying today’s price, rather than the price in however many years you die. That helps to eliminated financial stress from the rest of the family. So often, people die and the financial burden drops to the family and they simply cannot afford the funeral costs. That’s not good at a time you’re supposed to be grieving and remembering the good times.

It’s not just about money though. The finance side of it is important, sure, but those final wishes are key. What music will be played at the funeral, what readings, where you want to be buried, or if you want to be cremated, what to do with the ashes afterwards? Death is just as important as life and as we are all so unique, our wishes and desires will be different. There is not a one box fits all approach, especially when it comes to coffins. Do you want a traditional one or an eco-friendly one? These are things to think about now.

Something else which is well publicised at the moment is dementia. It’s featured on soaps and regularly discussed in news articles. Every 3 minutes someone in the UK develops dementia. People assume that you as a family member can just walk into the bank and access that person’s assets and money. You cannot. You need to be given the right of power of attorney. Unless you’ve got that already, the family would have to go through the courts which can be a long and drawn out process, costly too. It’s better to get this put in place whilst you are able to, just incase it happens. Don’t think that you suddenly give control to someone else, no, you can decide whether the power of attorney certificate can be used before or if you lose your mental capacity. It’s a difficult subject to discuss and there’s plenty of information online about it. But I really do advise you to sort it out now, for your peace of mind and the peace of mind of your family if anything should happen.

It’s a difficult conversation to have, but one which will probably bring you closer knowing that things are planned out well ahead of time and the future is a little bit more sorted, whatever happens. Let’s talk to our families about death, open up this often seen as a taboo subject and break down those walls. We will all die, so let’s make sure the ones who are left remembering us can do that without having extra baggage to sort out.



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