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We Bought A Campervan!

You may remember my post from last year about saving for something you really want. We’ve talked about owning a campervan for over a decade, finally, we’ve bought one.

It’s not the most pristine van in the world, it has it’s quirks and needs a bit of love here and there, but it’s ours.

Over the last year, we started seriously looking at vans, knowing that we wanted one but knowing that the safety aspect of it was the most important, for our young family. We put some money away every so often and ended up with a small amount in a campervan fund. We then, after seeing some proper wrecks for loads of cash, found one at the right price, which is in a good state and is safe. Sold by a chap who was awesome and funnily enough is a mutual friend of someone I went to school with – not that we knew that before we turned up to look at the van.

When something feels right, it feels right and this felt right. We took the plunge and it’s now sat on our drive. Typically it got a chip in the windscreen on the 100mile return journey, but that can be sorted.

Dreams come true and if you want something badly enough, make it happen. We took our time and found the right thing for our situation. Start saving today, look around, find what you want and then go for it. You only live once.

Adventure awaits!


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