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NowTV Price Changes

As with everything, prices go up!

I’m a big advocate of NowTV. I loved having Sky TV when we could afford it, now we can’t, NowTV is a good option for us as we can stop paying for it whenever we want. It’s basically a rolling monthly contract.

I bought 12 months of entertainment & movies in their Black Friday deal last year which will see us through to hopefully another Black Friday deal this year.

But I’ve just seen that the Sky Sports passes have increased by as much as 15%. That’s a hefty jump!

The day passes have increase to to £8.99 from £7.99 & the week passes are now £14.99 instead of £12.99. The monthly passes are unchanged at £33.99.

If you use them I suppose its not too bad. If you watch every football match that is televised it’s probably worth it to you but personally we don’t have the Sports passes. I’ve got a day pass I got free about 6 months ago, just sat on my account waiting for me to use it. I’ll probably wait until my Dad next comes to stay & he can watch some football!

Mt advice for all NowTV customers though would be to not just let your monthly contract roll on & pay the full price. If you look around you can find passes on offer – usually at supermarkets or tech stores. You can also, like me,wait for offers. Or if you are currently a customer, go to cancel your renewal and you might be offered a discount. I did this when we ran out o passes once & got four months of movies for the price of one.

Shop around & save.


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