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Start Thinking About Christmas

It’s the start of September. Two thirds of the way through the year. Still a good few months until Christmas. But now is the time to start thinking about it.

It’s just like when you’re getting married and you need a cake. The same cake without the word ‘wedding’ in front of it will be a fraction of the price. With Christmas, when you get into the season of merriment and festivities start flowing, you’re more likely to part with your cash easily due to that festive feeling and the deals you can perhaps get right now, aren’t available then. You can save some cash by buying early and below are a couple of examples of just that.

Think about ‘smellies’. Do you really need to buy a gift set of shower gel and deodorant bundled in a wash bag they won’t use, for £10? Why not get the items for £1.50 each (even less if they are on a cashback app!) and wrap them up yourself. Maybe you can make your own little hamper, buy them slightly more, or even, still get them a gift but save some cash too.

Every year the tins of chocolate get smaller and smaller, yet the price never goes down. I spotted bags of celebrations in the shops the other day, on offer for £2.50 each. Do you need the tin – which usually isn’t a tin these days, it’s more plastic tat we shouldn’t be producing! If you have space in the top of your wardrobe, you can start to buy what you need for Christmas, not that any of us really need anything.

Save some cash if you’re buying but don’t forget, as great as gifts are, time spent together is priceless.


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