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Christmas Hampers

Just like last year, at our church we’re putting together hampers for those who need them this Christmas.

There are more referrals coming in than ever before, from different agencies. People with disabilities, people below the bread line, those who have been made unemployed. The list is endless but if we can do one thing this Christmas, it’s to put a smile on the face of someone in need.

Last Christmas we, as a church, packed and gave out just over 150 hampers. This year we’re aiming for 500+. So to do this we’re combining our efforts. Instead of each family or small group doing a hamper, we’ve got a shopping list to add items to our big shop over the next few weeks. The first week is pasta and sauces. The second week is tins of vegetables and beans. Then every week after that it changes. Key items include toilet roll – it’s amazing how much happiness some toilet roll can bring!

We’ll then join up and pack the hampers in the first week of December, for delivery over the next couple of weeks.

On one of the leaflets given out with the shopping lists and how to get involved, it details a few quotes from people who have received one of these hampers in the past. The one that grabs my heart is a young girl who, when asked what she wanted to eat, replied by saying that she just wanted a few minutes to look at it all. A fully stocked cupboard can bring such joy!

It’s a drop in the ocean as there is so much need in this country, on this planet. But if we all do a little bit, we can make a big impact. How can you give back this Christmas?


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