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Did You Know There Is A Toilet Roll Tax?

Did you know that we, as a nation of consumers, are being taxed on one of the most basic things? For some reason, it falls under the bracket of being a luxury item. This means it is subject to an extra 20% VAT. In my mind, it is utterly bonkers and it is great that one of the companies that make this product is now campaigning for change. The item in question here is toilet paper. Yes, there really is a toilet roll tax!

toilet roll tax

Toilet Roll Tax

So what is a toilet roll tax? Firstly, toilet roll is classed as a luxury item, which is ridiculous as it should be a necessity in my opinion. It is something that everyone needs access to. You would have thought that a first world country like the United Kingdom, toilet rolls would be something that is considered an everyday item. Not something that only the most affluent in society would be able to have. What’s even worse is that 70% of people don’t realise that this additional tax even exists.

Luxury Items

Of course, plenty of items we can buy with our cash are considered luxury. However, there are also lots of them that do not have additional tax hiked onto the price. Helicopters, for example, are not subject to luxury tax. Perhaps one of the poshest things you can buy, caviar, doesn’t have this tax on it either. Which is more luxurious in your opinion? Toilet roll, or helicopters?

toilet paper

Taking A Stand

It’s great that one of the loo roll companies is taking a stand against this VAT, hoping to make a difference. Who Gives A Crap, the toilet roll company that makes their product with 100% recycled material and also donates 50% of profits to build toilets in the developing world, is campaigning to scrap this tax. It is said that it would save the average household £9 over the year. This would help with the current crisis in other areas of bill payments. Potentially giving people money for 2.5 days of household gas and electricity, for example. Finally, if you think loo paper should be for everyone, not just the super-rich, you can put your name on the toilet roll tax campaign here.

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