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When Is Easter 2025 & How To Make The Most Of Your Time Off

The four day weekend of Easter is always a great time to book something in. Spend it with family, go on a short break, head to some sporting fixtures. With the school holidays around this time it’s even more important to get your annual holidays booked in to enjoy as much time off as possible. Let’s have a look at when Easter 2025 is and how you can make the most of your time off.

When Is Easter 2025?

As Easter changes date every year, it’s not as easy to remember as Christmas or other fixed date holidays. The date changes due to the lunar cycle. Easter Sunday 2025 will fall on Sunday April 20th 2025.

With Easter, here are also two bank holidays. This means Good Friday will be Friday April 18th 2025 and Easter Monday will take place on Monday 21st April 2025. Now you know when these days take place, you can book time off work to maximise your holiday.

easter 2025

Maximise Your Time Off Work

The two four day weeks created by Good Friday and Easter Monday give us chance to book a little time off work, but enjoy a lot of vacation! For Easter 2025, book the Monday 14th April to Thursday 17th April using your holiday allowance, along with Tuesday 22nd to Friday 25th April. This means you will leave the office on Friday 11th April and not return until Monday 28th April. 16 days off work for the price of 8 vacation days. That sounds like a good deal to us!

If you wanted to keep a bit of holiday for another time of the year, or perhaps you don’t have much left, booking one of those four day weeks will give you 10 days off work. That’s pretty ace too! All that’s left to decide is where you’ll visit and what you’ll get up to!

An important note to make here is that obviously this won’t work for everyone. There are people who work shifts and usual hours. However, if you are in a Monday to Friday role, this is a great way to use your annual leave.


Budget For Easter Throughout The Year

Now was know when Easter 2025 falls, we can figure out how much money we need to save for the occasion. Depending on how you are celebrating will chang how much money you need in your Easter 2025 pot. Perhaps if you’re heading off on a holiday you’ll need a lot more.

Rather than finding a lump sum of cash at the last minute, it is much easier to set up a sinking fund and save into it throughout the year. If you need £100, for example, this would be £8.33 a month you need to save. This could get you some Easter eggs and maybe go towards a tasty homemade Easter Sunday meal.

You can also figure out the weekly savings total, as well as the daily ones. All you need to ask yourself is how many days until Easter and divide your total goal by that amount. This will give you a daily savings target.

Sinking funds are a great way to save for things over time. Rather than struggling to find money at the point of purchase, you have already squirrelled some cash away and it is there, earning interest, ready for you to use. Ideal for Christmas and birthdays!

When you plan throughout the year you can avoid financial stress and enjoy the perfect Easter 2025!

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